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M.J. Design Associates has used the H2B Non-Agricultural Seasonal Worker visa program
since 2003.  At that time, like many other companies, they were struggling to find local
workers to fill their seasonal labor needs. In addition, if they were going to hire Hispanics,
they wanted to assure they were legal.  The first year utilizing the program, they brought in
2 men from Mexico and in 12 years grew to as many as 18 to fill their seasonal labor needs.  
They became a very important part of M.J.'s labor force.  

As the program has become more volatile after Homeland Security took over the oversight
of (USCIS) U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in 2003, getting capped out in 2009
and the increase in users beginning around 2014, they knew they needed to do something
to help assure their men would be able to be here to work with them.  With their usual mid-
February date of need; they were caught in the first-half cap in 2015. After reapplying for
an April 1st start date, DOL stopped processing applications that March and thier men
ultimately not arriving until May 10th (3 months late), they seriously began the process of
Sponsoring some of the guys for their Permanent Resident Cards.

While the process has many similarities to the H2B visa program, there are more detailed
steps in the process and most importantly a lot more time. After fully immersing themselves
in the process in the Summer of 2015, some of their men began to receive their official
Green Cards in August of 2018.  They began the process working to secure 15 men with
their Green Cards.  To-date 12 have received their cards.

Molly will walk you through their journey, from a “Landscapers’” prospective.  There were a
lot of lessons learned along the way, but while they continue to use the H2B program, they
are now not fully dependent upon that system and the unknown.  They can plan for the
next Season because they know that they will have legal workforce to perform the work
that they sell.  

Highlights of the talk:
  • Similarities and Differences between H2B and Permanent Resident Visas
  • How to get started
  • Steps in the process from DOL to USCIS to State Department
  • Things to be cautious about
  • Costs = filing fees, attorneys and miscellaneous needs technology
AGENDA (APRIL 18, 2019)
Registration & Networking
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm (Includes food)

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Quick Information
Columbus Spring Meeting / Navigating H2b & Permanent
Resident Visas: April 18, 2019

Co-owner, CEO and Vice President of M.J. Design
Associates Inc.
Molly, along with her husband Joel, started their Design-Build-
Maintenance company in 1998.  They have a boutique
company that focuses on teaching the public about proper
horticultural techniques, bed preparation and quality
installation practices. She received her degree in Landscape
Architecture from The Ohio State University and has over 25
years’ experience in the landscape design/build and
maintenance environment.

Ditch Witch Mid-States
3660 Interchange Rd.
Columbus, OH 43204
Molly's passion is seasonal flower enhancements and providing that pop of color that accentuates any
landscaping throughout the year. She has served the last few years on the membership committee with
the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association and was recently appointed to their Board of Directors.  In
addition, she has served as Co-Chairman of the CLA Outdoor Living and Landscaping Tour Molly has also
been a member of the Delta Delta Delta House Corporation for many years and served as their treasurer
for most of those years. She and Joel reside in Dublin, OH with their two kids, Alison (19) and Andrew (16).  In
her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, visiting local and national parks, hiking, working
out and maintaining the 25+ flower pots she has at her own home.
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