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The client wanted an area that reflected the ambiance of the outdoors, but
that would still function for cooking, entertaining and sitting by the fire on a cool
evening. The patio has a custom granite bar with raised backsplash and built-in
lighting, built-in stainless steel garbage container and utensil drawer. The details
on the fire pit compliment the bar and grill area. The grill is built in and
continues the theme using the same accent stone as found on the bar. The
patio is nestled in the woods and makes for a great retreat on a hot summer
day or cool evening!
Garden Structures / Pavements - $25,000 to $50,000
The owners of this modest home had remodeled the interior, and replaced the
siding and the roof. Their deck was no longer functional and they desired a
paver patio. The circular fire pit area make a nice place for a comfortable
conversation. The open floor plan gives a sense of spaciousness and the
banding helps to delineate the spaces. The customized kitchen repeats the
materials and colors of the new lamp posts, fire pit and seating wall. Parents,
children and guest now enjoy this new space every chance they get!
The homeowner wanted to maintain the views of their Koi Pond from the
kitchen window and incorporate the curves of the pond into the deck. This
multi-level deck adds a new twist to an older style home. The upper level
features a seating area. A lower level incorporates a cooking area with ceramic
grill, refrigerator, drawers, storage and a bar seating. The thin balusters were
used to allow the homeowner to see the Koi Pond below. The curved deck fits in
nicely with the existing landscape.